Governance, Quality Assurance, Audit Information

Maintaining Quality and Accountability

Tollgate Clinic is fully committed to the highest standard of care for patients and to remaining accountable for the care it provides. We believe we have strong governance measures in place to ensure quality and accountability.

Promoting Quality

Tollgate Clinic is a member of the UK Association of Surgeons in Primary Care (ASPC), a body which promotes the development of good clinical practice in community surgery and monitors the quality of care provided by its members.

Like other ASPC members, Tollgate Clinic collects post-operative satisfaction questionnaires from its patients and regularly audits post-operative outcomes to check that the highest level of quality is being maintained in its service.

Our Accountability

Tollgate Clinic is managed by Tollgate Clinic Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 5843096.

NHS Patients – Tollgate Clinic Ltd provides services to NHS patients under contracts commissioned by NHS North-East Essex and NHS South-East Essex. The Clinic is accountable to the local NHS Commissioner for delivery of those services within the contractual terms which require it to comply with all relevant national legislation and regulation.

Self-Pay Patients – We also provide services to self-pay patients. In the provision of these services we are accountable to the Care Quality Commission and subject to the national legislation and regulation for private healthcare providers.

All of our Clinicians are covered by Medical Defense Union Ltd (MDU) or the Medical Protection Society (MPS).

In all cases the Clinic is accountable first and foremost to our patients.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

CQC Logo

Tollgate Clinic are registered by CQC and at the last inspection in August 2019 the Clinic achieved full compliance with all Standards inspected, achieving an Outstanding Rating.


Details of our most recent inspections.

29 August 2019 – CQC Inspection Report

26 September 2018 – CQC Inspection Report

31 January 2014 – CQC Inspection Report

05 October 2012 – CQC Inspection Report

Audit Information

We regularly review the performance of Tollgate Clinic and we provide annual audit reports to our NHS Commissioners on each service.

Annual audits are available to referring clinicians. Please email your request
to Caroline Brock, General Manager on

Principles and Rules to Guide Decisions

Our staff make a lot of decisions in the delivery of your care and the discharge of their duties. Tollgate Clinic has a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures in relation to Information and Clinical Governance including Policies regarding Patients, Staff, Clinical Activity, Health & Safety, IT, Finance and a number of other areas.

A full list of our policies is available on request.

Environmental Responsibilities and the Carbon Reduction Message

At Tollgate Clinic, we believe it is important to invest in the future of our environment.
Picture1Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy and Action Plan covers Transport, Procurement, Waste, Energy, Training and Commissioning.  We encourage our staff and patients to travel by foot, bike or public transport where possible and we consider our suppliers own attitudes towards the environment when making purchases.

Please ask to see our Environmental and Sustainability Policy for more information.

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