NHS Services

At Tollgate Clinic we are able to offer our Carpal Tunnel Services to NHS Patients.

GP Referral Forms are available for completion by GPs.

Patient Choice

When you and your GP agree that you need to see a specialist, you can choose which hospital or clinic you go to. You will also be able to choose the date and time of your appointment. You can either book the appointment yourself, or ask your GP to do this for you. Please see NHS e-Referral for more information.

NHS patients have the legal right to choose where they receive their care and you can make this choice through your GP.

North East Essex – If your GP is in North East Essex and you need treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tollgate Clinic is an option for you!

South East Essex Our clinics at North Road Primary Care Centre in Westcliff  offer Carpal Tunnel Decompression to patients registered with a GP practice within the Southend CCG or Castle Point and Rochford CCG catchment in South East Essex.

Self Paying Patients – We offer all our services to self-paying patients from anywhere.

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Alternative to Hospital

Strikingly, many minor procedures are still carried out in hospitals, consuming valuable resources which could be used on the essential care hospitals to provide for the seriously ill. For example,almost 9,000 vasectomies and over 60,000 carpal tunnel release operations were carried out in NHS trust hospitals in the UK in 2009-2010 (source: NHS Reference Costs 2009-10). The vast majority of this work could have been done at lower cost and equal quality by specially trained GPs working in enhanced GP premises, with a direct saving to the NHS of over £20m per year.

Community Surgery

Tollgate Clinic’s mission is to offer all patients in North East Essex and beyond the choice to undergo quick, efficient and high quality minor procedures in a community setting, thereby enabling as much work as possible to be moved out of general hospitals and the local NHS to save money without compromising on standards. We are seeking to expand our range of services in order to do this. Tollgate Clinic is committed to serving NHS patients, GPs and commissioners and to working alongside local hospitals.

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