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Most moles are benign patches of skin cells containing brown or almost black pigment. A small proportion of moles are cancerous (malignant melanoma) and this is a serious type of cancer. Should we think there is any possibility of you having this we will refer you to an NHS specialist at once. Benign moles may be flat or raised, large or small, smooth or hairy and often there is no reason to remove them.

For all all patients who have a pigmented lesion (mole)  our Clinicians will take a biopsy for analysis at the laboratory. Results are then returned to the clinic and we will contact you to discuss the findings. The charge for this is £70 per sample (one per mole).

Procedure Features

  • Please contact us for information on how we may treat moles at Tollgate clinic
  • Assessment by our Clinicians for malignancy

Self Pay Prices

Consultation Price (from)*
Moles Appointments usually include time for the clinician to discuss treatment options, and the treatment itself. Appointments are charged according to the time spent with the Clinician. A 20 minute appointment is charged at £250, 30 minutes is charged at £300 or a 40 minute appointment is charged at £350. Patients who do not receive treatment are charged a reduced rate of £60.

*Prices dependant on the individual patients needs, prices from provide an overview of potential costs and is not an exact figure, as all patients' requirements are different.

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