Warts and Verrucas

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There are 2 common types.

VerrucaWart on Finger

Viral Warts
Viral warts are small skin growths caused by a virus infecting the skin. A viral wart on the foot is known as a verruca erruca verruca. Often, given long enough, viral warts will disappear on their own but this can take years rather than months, or they can be self-treated with paint bought from the chemist. We can remove them by cauterising or freezing them but they often come back so waiting for them to go on their own is usually best.


Seborrhoic Wart

Seborrhoeic Warts
Seborrhoeic warts are very common. They are brown, crusty growths which build up as patches on older skin, often on a person’s back. Some people are prone and have a large number. They can irritate and sometimes catch on clothing. They are simple to remove with cautery.




Self Pay Prices

Consultation Price (from)*
Warts and Verrucas Appointments usually include time for the clinician to discuss treatment options, and the treatment itself. Appointments are charged according to the time spent with the Clinician. A 20 minute appointment is charged at £250, 30 minutes is charged at £300 or a 40 minute appointment is charged at £350. Patients who do not receive treatment are charged a reduced rate of £60.

*Prices dependant on the individual patients needs, prices from provide an overview of potential costs and is not an exact figure, as all patients' requirements are different.

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