Treatment of the Eye Area

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Tollgate Clinic, Colchester

Waiting Times (March 2019)

2 Weeks


Meibomian Cysts

Meibomian Cysts

These are lumps in the eyelid, usually the upper, caused by a blocked eyelash grease gland. If they do not go away on their own they can be removed.


Tear Duct Flush Through

Sometimes the tear duct which drains the eye becomes blocked and the eye waters continuously. In many cases, but not all, this can be treated by flushing the duct through.

Self Pay Prices

Consultation Price (from)*
Treatment of the Eye Area A non-refundable £60 deposit is required upon booking. This deposit is included in the following charges depending on the length of your surgery appointment: 20 mins: £250, 30 mins: £300, 40 mins: £350. Appointments up to 1 hour: £400. Patients who have a consultation only, or who do not receive treatment will pay no more than the £60 deposit, except for facial lesion consultations. If Histology is recommended there is a £100 charge by the laboratory.

*Prices dependant on the individual patients needs, prices from provide an overview of potential costs and is not an exact figure, as all patients' requirements are different.


View procedure prices   Make an enquiry   or call us on: 01206 987525