Why My Husband’s Vasectomy Was the Best Thing Ever

At the Tollgate Clinic we pride ourselves on maintaining high Patient Satisfaction with the outcome of any surgery this includes No-Scalpel Vasectomy, we also like to make sure that the patient is certain that No-scalpel Vasectomy is something they would like to go ahead with. We are always delighted to receive testimonials from patients on our high level of service but also on their decision to go ahead with Vasectomy.

Rachel Sobel explains in her article why her husbands Vasectomy was the best thing ever. This was not performed at our clinic and our technique is a little different than described in this article (in that the patient does not need a general anaesthetic and has just a local anaesthetic) but the article does a good job of explaining the pros of making the decision to have Vasectomy. You can read the article here.

Article linked by Rachel Sobel for Popsugar.

Tollgate clinic offer No-Scalpel Vasectomy for £345 including consultation, semen analysis testing and aftercare in Colchester, Essex.

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