World Vasectomy Day – 18th November 2016


World Vasectomy Day – 18 November 2016
World vasectomy day is a family planning event which highlights vasectomy as a highly effective contraceptive option for men. On this day, the 18th of November 2016, close to 1,000 doctors in 40 countries will be carrying out the procedure for patients who have completed their families.

We offer no-scalpel vasectomy for patients considering the procedure at a self-pay cost of £310, including consultation, follow-up and post-vasectomy semen test, which will confirm your sterility. Our price is considerably less than many other providers as Tollgate remains one of the busiest vasectomy clinics in the country. Even older couples with no children and men under 30 can have vasectomies, however, depending on their circumstances they may still need a preoperative consultation.

But why should you consider a vasectomy?
Men give three main reasons. ‘My wife/partner has done enough what with giving birth to our wonderful children and taking hormones all these years’ or ‘We are fed up with condoms’, and the women often say ‘we just can’t take the worry of having another pregnancy …we could never go through with a termination’. Some men add ‘We’d have to get a new car if we had another to take around or we’d need an extension or have to move house and we can’t afford that! Another reason is we’d rather have family holidays or we want our own lives now our children are growing up and another child would be like going back to the beginning i.e nappies and getting up in the night!’ Some families are really big – the record so far in Tollgate Clinic being 10 children. Today modern families can also be large if a couple have children from former relationships and a couple can find it expensive to fund their two sets of children.

Most men going to Tollgate Clinic have their wife/partner with them while the procedure is performed. The ladies who don’t come in usually pop over to Sainsburys for a bit of shopping. Men are usually in and out in 30 minutes. The actual operation is simple and generally painless apart from a little prick as the local anesthetic is put in to a tiny area on the front of the scrotum. This is well away from the testicles which are further down in the bag. The needle used is the same size as a cat’s whisker and only 15mm in length. As the name suggests no scalpel is used with this type of vasectomy which has replaced the traditional two-cut vasectomy which required stitches – this is what men had up to 15 years ago here in Colchester and still do in most hospitals in the UK. No stitches are needed in the skin with No-Scalpel Vasectomy because the hole is so small, usually 7 to 8mm long and it heals up quickly on its own. Unless a man undertakes physical work he only needs a couple of days off and can drive the next morning.

The heroes on World Vasectomy Day 2015 were met with lots of cheering from the clinic staff, the usual cup of tea or coffee and the clinic’s well known beer mats… ‘Make my next one a Vasectomy!’

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